Coach Nate

“I pride myself in my training to help each person that walks in the door to progress and reach their goals.”

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Nate recently moved to Colorado to continue pursuing his passion for sports performance, health and fitness. Throughout his childhood he competed in many different sports, and later went on to play college baseball at Shippensburg University. Nate is always continuing his education within the fitness industry. He is a Pain-free Performance Specialist with other certifications through GOATA, AAAI, ACTION, and Sports Nutrition. Nate actively studies slow motion video of the greatest professional athletes of all time and their movement patterns. He uses slow motion video to record and review his own client’s movement patterns with them to correct any errors to greatly increase performance, end non-contact injuries, and reduce pain. He has developed many programs for beginners to professional athletes with a wide range of clients starting at 12 up to 95 years old. He uses science-based methods that individually fit the need of each athlete and client. Nates focus is on building optimal body alignment, stability, flexibility, power and strength with each client to help them increase their performance on the field and everyday life.


  • Sport Specific Training (Youth- Professional)
  • Youth Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals (weight room intro, technique, biomechanics)
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis
  • Injury Prevention
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Functional Fitness
  • Improving Body Composition
  • Develop Healthy/Balanced Lifestyle with fitness
  • Small Group Training


Group Training- $40 per person
Group Training- more than 4 people
Sports Performance Single Training Session
Sports Performance Single Training Session 12 Pack
Sports Performance Single Training Session 4 Pack
Sports Performance Single Training Session 8 Pack