Coach Brian

I am an USPTA Certified Tennis Professional, and I've played competitive tennis for over 30 years – often against local tennis pros and high school coaches - as a 4.5 USTA tennis player and captain for a Lifetime Tennis team.  My rapidly growing tennis following includes teens trying to "get to the next level" on their High School teams, as well as, adult beginners (through USTA 4.0 ratings) looking to learn this lifetime sport.

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Specialties included in training:  

  • Volley
  • Topspin
  • Slice
  • Serve
  • Point Strategy
  • Lob
  • Forehand
  • Footwork
  • Drop Shot
  • Backhand.

I will impart a love for this sport with enthusiasm and skillful teaching that “meets you where you are”, considers your goals, and maps a reasonable strategy for improving your game.

  • I will not only work on stroke fundamentals, but I will also improve your mental strength on the tennis court as well as situational awareness (stroke patterns, game and set scores, evaluating opponents for strengths and weaknesses).
  • Almost every session will include mini-tennis (to focus on "touch" and how to "feel the ball"), volley, and then groundstroke and finally serve/return practice. I tailor each of these portions for your goals and abilities, and then we drilldown into your individual goals (how to hit a topspin lob or topspin serve, how to open up the court and dictate play, how to hit a slice return, "chip and charge", etc).
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