If you're looking to improve your hitting, pitching, fielding skills or any other aspect of your game, you've come to the right place.  Our baseball training sessions are second to none!  

For those that may also be looking beyond training for the upcoming season, you can find what it takes to get to the college and professional levels with one of the top baseball coaches in the business - Coach Brad Hill.  He has 30+ years of collegiate level experience and has won a number of prestigious awards.  Coach Hill will customize each session to the current experience level of the player and where they'd like to be in the future.  

First Choice Coaching also offers video training sessions with Coach Hill for larger groups or those that are interested in training outside of the Denver Metro area.  


Specialties included in training:  

  • Hitting
  • Throwing 
  • Catching
  • Pitching
  • Infield 
  • Outfield
  • Decision Making

We offer several different training sessions for Baseball:

  • Individual Training 
  • Small Group Training
  • Team Training
  • Youth Training Camps
  • Video Presentations
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