Coach Mario

The teams I have coached have won several in-state and out-of-state tournaments, but the most important so far has been winning the President’s Cup 2 years ago.

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I am from Guadalajara, Mexico.
I have been playing soccer all my life.  I played in all of my schools while I was in Mexico and when I arrived to Colorado, I immediately started playing for Aurora  Sting and High School. I still play recreational indoor and outdoor soccer with friends. 

As a coach I like to concentrate on the fundamentals of the game (always). My session will typically cover everything from fundamentals to finishing.  We can also customize the sessions based on the player’s input and the level of the player. 

Athletic Highlights:

I have been coaching for 10+ years, all in the South Denver Region.  Colorado Storm was the club I started with, then the merger happened with the Colorado Rapids.  This fall, I will be coaching the ‘08 Boys Rapids North  Select team.  For 2 years I was the Assistant Coach of Mike Haas in the DA program for Storm, where I learned a lot.  Currently, I hold my “D” license and I’m going to complete my “C” license this year.


Private/Individual Session (1 hour)
2-person Training Session (1 hour)
Small Group Session (1 hour)
Indoor - Small Group Session (1 - Hour)
Indoor - Small Group Session (1 - Hour) 4 - Pack